Information on Business College

The Business College consists of seven departments which prepare students’ academic foundation enhanced by analytical, adaptable and global thinking along with character and work ethics of well-rounded professionals. With a reputation as a professional in business education, the Business College is an important resource for employers, community leaders and others seeking business-world ready employees with a firm moral compass. It provides the “skills of the hand” necessary for business graduates to be successful with the distinction and to have integrity.

We believe every student potential is God-given and their life vocation is a calling, whether it be with a global corporation or a local, missionary, or an entrepreneurial start-up.
The Business College departments include:

1. Department of Accounting
2. Department of Procurement and contract management
3. Department of Human Resources
4. Department of Marketing
5. Department of Hotel & Tourism Management
6. Department of Public Administration
7. Department of Economics/Business Statistics

These departments are fully equipped with qualified instructors who have wealth of experience and ready to lead the Polytechnic to higher heights. 

Would you like to learn Chinese?

To increase our global outreach, T-SAP partners with the Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia to offer Chinese Language free of charge. Qualified Chinese Instructors tutor interested students in writing and speaking Chinese. The HSK Standards course one is designed to develop the Chinese language skills required for beginners who use Chinese as a second language and Chinese learners who are preparing to take the HSK (Level 1) exam. It mainly includes Chinese Pinyin spelling and simple topic conversation. This course improves students’ basic knowledge of spoken Chinese. Through rigorous listening and reading practices as well as oral presentations, students are equipped with adequate vocabulary and sentence construction skills in order to improve their fluency in Chinese language’s daily conversations.

Administrative Team

Dr. Emmanuel K. Urey


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Mr. Austin M. Dormah


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Rev. Dr. Pah K. Suku


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Mr. J. Cheategba Debee II


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Mr. Samuel Q. Cummings Sr.

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Dr. Marcus Jones

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2nd Street Sinkor, P.O. BOX 5792, Tubman Blvd., Sinkor, Monrovia, Liberia