Information on Health Science

The mission of the College of Health Sciences it to ensure that Liberia has a healthy population. Realization of this mission requires that T-SAP College of Health Sciences identifies gaps within our health care system and innovate ideas to fill those gaps. Thus, in addition to offering Nursing Program, the College of Health Sciences will soon be offering Public Health, Medical Technology, Laboratory Technicians and many more.

Currently, the Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) Degree Program provides students with the knowledge and skills essential for entry into nursing practice. Students upon completion are eligible to take the State Board Examination for registered nurses in Liberia and its equivalent in other parts of the world. As an entry level nurse, the graduate is prepared to provide safe and effective care that promotes the health and well-being of patients and families, across the life span in contemporary health care environments. This nursing care is given in collaboration with members of the healthcare team in a variety of settings according to established standards of practice. Graduates of the ASN program will acquire the foundation for nursing education and continued professional development.  

Would you like to learn Chinese?

To increase our global outreach, T-SAP partners with the Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia to offer Chinese Language free of charge. Qualified Chinese Instructors tutor interested students in writing and speaking Chinese. The HSK Standards course one is designed to develop the Chinese language skills required for beginners who use Chinese as a second language and Chinese learners who are preparing to take the HSK (Level 1) exam. It mainly includes Chinese Pinyin spelling and simple topic conversation. This course improves students’ basic knowledge of spoken Chinese. Through rigorous listening and reading practices as well as oral presentations, students are equipped with adequate vocabulary and sentence construction skills in order to improve their fluency in Chinese language’s daily conversations.

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